We are now part of The Hearing Care Partnership

Our audiologist Holly Proud (FdSc MSHAA RHAD) comes into the practice weekly to carry out a FREE  hearing assessment.

Hearing well improves your wellbeing

Our senses help us to enjoy the world. They are essential to our brain health and wellbeing.

Healthy vision and hearing help us stay connected and active. If these senses aren't cared for, they can cause isolation and loneliness that can lead to an increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

Find out more. https://www.thcp.co.uk/services/free-hearing-assessment

Did you know?  For every line up the vision chart you go, the chance of having a hearing problem increases by 18%

If you are over 50, you should have your hearing checked just as regularly as your eyes or your teeth.

For more information follow the link below, you can also call our Killingworth or Whitley Bay practices and we would be happy to book you in.


Hearing Aids
As the result of your hearing assessment, your audiologist might determine that you would
benefit from hearing aids. Through The Hearing Care Partnership, we have a broad range of
advanced hearing aid technology options available to you. Our audiologist will work closely with
you to understand your unique hearing and lifestyle needs before recommending the best
Find out more.  https://www.thcp.co.uk/hearing-aids

Ear Wax Removal
For individuals experiencing a build-up of ear wax, we offer a comprehensive ear wax removal
service. Our audiologist or wax removal clinician will use the latest and safest techniques, such

as microsuction and irrigation, to gently remove any accumulated ear wax before conducting a
hearing health check. The choice of method will depend on your needs, level of wax build-up,
and any pre-existing conditions.
Find out more.  https://www.thcp.co.uk/services/ear-wax-removal

Hearing Protection
Our range of hearing protection covers your every need, from ear plugs for swimming to custom
protection for hobbies like shooting or motorsport. Simply book a hearing protection
appointment and our audiologist will help you in finding the perfect solution.
Find out more.  https://www.thcp.co.uk/services/hearing-protection

To book an appointment with our audiologist at our Killingworth practice please call us on 0191 2681317 or click here to book online 
And to book an appointment at our practice in Whitley Bay call 0191 2528975 or click here.