We are now part of The Hearing Care Partnership

We have an audiologist comes into the practice weekly to carry out FREE full hearing assessments.

Hearing well improves your wellbeing

Our senses help us to enjoy the world. They are essential to our brain health and wellbeing.

Healthy vision and hearing help us stay connected and active. If these senses aren't cared for, they can cause isolation and loneliness that can lead to an increased risk of cognitive decline and dementia.

Did you know?  For every line up the vision chart you go, the chance of having a hearing problem increases by 18%

If you are over 50, you should have your hearing checked just as regularly as your eyes or your teeth.

For more information follow the link below, you can also call our Killingworth or Whitley Bay practices and we would be happy to book you in.


Love your ears- we also offer ear wax removal

Your ears are amazing self - cleaning machines. Ear wax contains antibacterial agents that play a vital part in preventing infections in your ears. It also traps dust and other foreign bodies, as well as keeping the skin in your ears moisturised. Small amounts of ear wax are normal and healthy, and it usually works its way out of your ear naturally.

However, ear wax can sometimes block your ear, bringing on symptoms including temporary hearing loss, ringing or itchiness. The ear is an extremely sensitive and delicate organ so wax should only ever be removed by a trained, experienced professional - never try it yourself.

For more information visit https://www.thcp.co.uk/hearing-services/ear-wax-removal